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Reviews by By Pat Weeks

Lessons in Truth by Emilie Cady

Lessons in Truth

Emilie Cady

Emilie Cady

This is a basic Unity text. Lessons in Truth is a clear, concise representation of New Thought philosophy and metaphysical Christianity. The spiritual concepts presented in twelve lessons show us how to transform our lives by understanding the power of our thoughts, words, and beliefs. The author encourages us to find our truth with our own hearts and then apply these truths in every area of our lives. Dr. Cady was an established and successful homeopathic physician in the late 1800s when it was very unusual for a woman to achieve success in this male-dominated field. She first came to the attention of the Fillmores when. Myrtle Fillmore read a pamphlet that Dr. Cady had written called Finding the Christ in Ourselves. Myrtle gave it to Charles to read and he then asked permission to print and distribute the booklet—and invited Dr. Cady to write for Unity Magazine. Beginning in 1892, she wrote articles for Unity Magazine and then went on to write the Unity textbook, Lessons in Truth. This book has been translated into 11 languages and has changed countless people’s lives. This book can be read online.

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Discover the Power within You by Eric Butterworth

Discover the Power within You

Eric Butterworth

Eric Butterworth

Eric Butterworth was one of Unity’s most respected and well-known ministers. His books have influenced countless numbers of people. I was surprised to read an article by Oprah Winfrey on the books that had been the most influential in her life—and she listed this book, for she said it changed her perspective on religion.

This is another basic Unity book. Eric Butterworth believes that the greatest discovery of all time was of the divine dimension of every human being. Christianity has emphasized Jesus’ divinity, but Jesus himself taught the divinity of man. Eric Butterworth says, “Not one person in a million is living up to the best within him.”

Jesus, according to Butterworth, was “perhaps ahead of his time” in that he taught of the endless potential of humanity and its spiritual unity with God while presenting “a workable philosophy, a way of life.” Butterworth answers the basic question of “What did Jesus really teach?”

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Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

Spiritual Economics

This is another Butterworth book that I think is basic to understanding the principles of prosperity. This book was studied in the first Unity class that I took—and gave me a basic grounding on how abundance is available to all of us.

David Miller includes in his introduction, “Within each of us is an inner urge to live life to its fullest, and to share that fullness with others as well. Eric Butterworth has succinctly detailed the steps that are necessary to achieve this fullness. He appropriately warns that it is not the accumulation of “things,” but the will to serve and share the abundant life which is available if we are willing to listen to our inner Source and to translate our inner voice into vision and action.”

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