The month of March continues our journey to our Easter Celebration on Sunday, March 27th! Please join us each week as Reverend Sandy teaches about Simply Sabbath (March 6), Putting Feet to Prayer (March 13), and Palm Sunday (March 20).
We look forward to seeing everyone as the spring unfolds.

From a scientific perspective, the heart is the organ that beats blood throughout our system, and nourishes and replenishes every part of our body. “Open heart” can refer to a surgical procedure the that repairs and mends the heart. Metaphysically, it can be interpreted as opening our entire being to Spirit, and all the manifestations of Spirit in our world. According to The Revealing Word, “It is the center from which the divine substance is poured forth. Everyone uses his heart center when he sends forth a loving thought.”

So, let’s Open our Hearts to our church home this month of February, and see if we can expand and deepen our individual and collective experience of an open heart.