We are a loving community of diverse spiritual seekers bound together by a shared passion for experiencing the nature of divine truth.
We believe a church is not a building but a community of loving souls.
Our services often feel like family reunions, where we laugh and hug and enjoy being in the presence of like-minded seekers. Together we generate remarkable energy of love and light, into which we welcome all newcomers.
Grady Poulard | Sunday, February 18

Join us for Worship

10am Sundays
3655 Calvert Street NW

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Who We Are

and What We
are About

Have you ever found yourself in a place that is
new and yet instantly familiar and inviting?

We are such a place. Come, walk with us for a while.
All are welcome and there is room for everyone on this path.

We are CommUnity on the Hill, a Unity Congregation in our Nation’s Capital

We are serious Truth students who follow the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. We reinforce each other in our quest to remember our oneness with God. We laugh, sing, and celebrate at our beautiful Sunday services, where all are welcome. Through prayer, meditation, forgiveness, and mindful, loving activities, we seek and affirm all that is Good and all that is True and, that we are all one.

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